Travel and Photography

Cancun Lagoon - Canon 5D MkIII

Cancun Lagoon – Canon 5D MkIII

Besides my beautiful wife, Loretta, there are two things I have come to love and they go hand in hand together. Traveling and Photography. Prior to 2000, I had not done any traveling outside of Canada and what traveling I did do was for visiting family and friends. In 2000, Loretta and I went to San Jose del Cabo in Mexico and from that day on, I was hooked.

In the area of photography, I had been an film photographer from the time I as 16 when I picked up my first 35mm SLR camera. It was a Zenit and was my only camera until 1982 when I picked up a Canon AE-1. For the next few years I was quite enthusiastic  about photography but never did enough or became good enough to make it a career. By the mid 1990’s my gear basically sat packed away.

My beautiful wife Loretta and me in Cuba.

My beautiful wife Loretta and myself in Cuba.

In 2008 I got married. When we were at our first interview with our photographer, I started getting that photo-bug again. Prior to leaving for Cuba, where we were getting married, I picked up a Canon Rebel to take along. That was the start of getting really serious about photography. It was a slow start but in 2011 something clicked and I began to really start studying everything I could find on the web and in books and really just getting out and shooting. It has been growing exponentially since then. It has been 3 years of experimenting, learning, acquiring equipment, more learning, more experimenting, highs, lows, and a whole lot of watching others and absorbing information.

Puerto Vallarta Marina - Canon Rebel XTi

Puerto Vallarta Marina – Canon Rebel XTi

All the time that I was getting serious, we were also traveling. Mexico is our default holiday destination having multiple visits to Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, and San Jose del Cabo. We also visited Cuba, Las Vegas and The Bahama’s. Our most recent trip was to Paris and London. I’m still culling through the massive amount of pictures taken over 2 weeks in those cities.  For the last year and 4 trips that we have taken, I haven’t had either of my DSLR camera’s with me. For travel the Canon 60D and 5D Mark III with lenses are just too much bulk and weight to carry around. They are also very imposing when trying to do street photography.  I have gone over to the Fuji X system for my travel kit. They are small, light(er), and give me great results, especially in low light. They are much less imposing when doing street photography too. They are the right tool for the job.

Las Vegas Inside the Venetian - Fuji X100S

Las Vegas Inside the Venetian – Fuji X100S

So, in a nutshell, this is what this blog is going to be about. I will pull some images from a trip and talk about the trip and the equipment. There will be no particular order of our trips but will be what I want to show and talk about for that particular post. It will not be strictly about the place or the equipment I was using. It will be me sharing my thoughts and perhaps some may find that interesting. That’s it for my intro blog other than sharing a couple of images from our recent trip.

Paris, the Seine River

Paris, the Seine River – Fuji X100S

London, St Pauls

London, St Pauls – Fuji X-Pro1


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I am a photographer and IT consultant. Married to a wonderful Lady I met in 1997 who has become my life-mate and travel partner. I live in Calgary, Canada.

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